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Series strings of storage batteries are used quit commonly with UPS, inverter, Telecom SMPS Power Plants etc. Battery Equalization is to correct this imbalance. Single equalizer can be used for at least 2 number of batteries and maximum for 4 number of batteries connected in series.

Lead fumes coming out of conventional Lead Acid Battery regularly is like taking a daily dose of poison. That is why, inverters need new and safer solutions. The fumes emitted by ordinary batteries, cause tiredness, muscle pain and stomach aches, damage the liver, kidney, blood cells and nerves.

Salient Features

   Active equalization technique based on flash micro-controller.
   Reduces the battery replacement which again greatly reduces the cost.
   Easy to install with batteries connected in series.
   Suitable for N numbers of batteries by utilizing multiple units together.
   Operates in all three modes: battery charging, discharging or in idle mode.
   Appropriate for Gel, Sealed and AGM Lead Acid batteries.
   Works with conventional flooded lead acid batteries and SMF batteries.
   Extends battery life and run time.
   Prevents over and under charge due to battery imbalance.


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