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  • Inverters
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  • Batteries
  • Batteries Equalizers
  • Stackable Trolley
  • Power Protection System
X-Tra Durable
Made of tough, long lasting material which does not get destroyed by battery leakages/spills.

X-Tra Convenient
Battery slides in and out easily without getting stuck.

X-Tra Safe
Provides good ventilation for battery. At the same time, prevents battery fumes from spreading.

X-Tra Ease of Movement
Thanks to its smooth wheels

X-Tra Good Looks
Elegantly designed in a choice of colours to complement the interior of your home.

X-Tra Space Saving
Stacks up neatly in a corner, thus taking up less space.

The MOPOWER Stackable Trolley is truly versatile in character. Since it is extremely lightweight and easy to install, it stacks up easily and can be converted into spacious shelves and storage space for homes, showrooms and shops within just a few minutes. What's more, it is more durable than wood, since it is made of high grade, strong plastic. This means it will last forever. This also means that it remains termite-free. Another way that it proves superior to wood is the fact that it is 100% waterproof and temperature resistant. It does not warp or lose its looks during humid weather. It does not need to be painted or varnished to regain its looks. Simply wash it, and watch it shine! Therefore it is virtually maintenance-free and proves to be extremely cost-effective in the long run. Its dimensions can be changed in an instant. It can be disassembled and rearranged in any space, unlike wood. The unit made from Mopower Trolleys is also mobile. It can be shifted from room to room with the greatest of ease, thanks to its smooth roller wheels. What's just as important, it is extremely good-looking and comes in soothing pastel shades. This means that it will compliment the decor of the most sophisticated of living and commercial areas.


Great for the Kids' Room Get Kitchen Shelves-instantly

Attractive Display Shelves for Shops and Showrooms

Your children will love to have the Mopower Stackable Trolley in their room. It's a great place to store their toys, books and clothes. And since kids tend to get bored of their possessions very fast, simply rearrange the trolleys in different shapes, and watch their delight! What's more, you don't have to caution them to treat it gently. It withstands rough treatment, since it does not crack or splinter.

Need an extra shelf for the kitchen? Simply stack up a few Mopower Trolleys. Use it to store your jars and containers, even your utensils and cutlery. It is totally waterproof, so simply wash it from time to time and it will look good as new.

Need extra storage to display your goods? You couldn't do better than the Mopower Stackable Trolley. It is spacious enough to accommodate an entire range of products. And strong enough to hold a variety of goods, such as electronic items of some weight.

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